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Located in a leading university in Africa, the University of Cape Town (UCT) Works of Art Collection is an enriching asset that celebrates the cultural diversity of its location and people in the city, province and region by promoting a vibrant and dynamic visual arts presence.

The UCT Works of Art Collection serves to

  • build a collection of works of art in line with the University's vision and mission;
  • promote the display of the collection through engaged curation;
  • ensure that the collection is safeguarded; and
  • contribute to an inclusive heritage expression for the University.

The Collection is curated by the UCT Works of Art Committee. The Committee recognises and promotes the value of the Collection as being an inspiring and transformative intellectual repository for cultural, educational, scientific, and artistic research scholarship shared by academics, students, staff and cultural communities in and around the university. 

The Collection comprises works intended to support and contribute to the University’s vision, mission and strategy with respect to:

  • Contributing to an inclusive and diverse institutional culture and character, and an inspiring future that offers a unique experience of the university.
  • Playing an important role in the discovery, study, understanding and creation of new knowledge that is distinctively African.
  • Developing an excellent art collection that is made accessible to engage visitors and the wider university community through exhibitions, seminars, lectures and support for the university’s research mission.